Avengers the Movie 1998



In the year 1998 the Avengers were also seen on the wide screen; the movie was a complete failure and does harm to the image of the series. If you are unknown to the series it is better not to watch the movie because you'll get a wrong image of the series. A brand new cast; Ralph Fiennes as John Steed, Uma Thurman as Emma Peel, Sean Connery as the villain Sir August De Wynter and Jim broadbent as Mother. Notice the person Mother never played in the Emma Peel episodes, beside the Forget-me-knot episode, he played just in a few Tara King episodes. By the way, Patrick Macnee also has a part in the movie, unseen as well, he played an invisible man working at the ministry.


The story is about Sir August De Wynter who has got the power about the weather and he threatened with terrible weather like snowstorms and tornados if they doesn't pay him cash. From that time on people had to buy the weather from Sir August De Wynter who is now the most powerful man on earth. It is up to our heroes to beat this mighty man.


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